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Knitted fabric with channels for liquids (for cooling and heating)Knitted fabric with channels for liquids (for cooling and heating)

Develop, implement and perfect innovations


The development of new products and the use of new procedures requires a great deal of specialist knowledge – from special weaving or knitting techniques, processing glass and carbon fibres made from polyester, silver or stainless steel or the functionalisation of textiles.

To ensure your ideas are converted into marketable products, I will supervise and advise you at various points or throughout all phases of product development.




My services:

  • Consulting and development, production and quality assurance of technical textiles
  • Development of new products either reciprocally or with several partners
  • Research into special function mechanisms as a basis for innovation
  • esting special textile processes
  • Manufacture of functioning prototypes and monitoring


Integrated cooling channels (micro-system technology)Integrated cooling channels (micro-system technology)

Partnership, which brings added value

An area which I am particularly specialised in is 3D knitting processes. Combining knitting, weaving and warp knitting in one process opens up new opportunities in the functionalisation of textiles and leads to a more efficient production.



  • Manufacture of 2 or 3 dimensional structures from textile materials e.g. as a pre-preg for components from composite fibre materials in lightweight construction
  •   Integration of defined functions e.g. sensory and actuatory
  • Production of multi-functional textiles using yarns, tubes, optical fibres, basalt fibres...


I can help you use innovative textile procedures.
In doing so, I work together with partners from the fields of economy and research across all sectors.
Together, we can set new standards for technical textiles and their possible uses.


Do you have an idea?

I will discuss and draw up technical possibilities with you.
I will develop and realise your concepts and wishes with you.


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